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Print Delivers Unprecedented Reliability

Nanometer Storage Corporation Print Drive technology is different than any data storage technology you’ve used before, so it’s very important to understand some key points. A Print Drive Storage Appliance stores digital data using glycol based ink droplets and retrieves the digital data with optical visioning technology. This makes the data impervious to electro-magnetic interference and impossible to delete without a removal process. Short of smashing the Appliance with a hammer this is the entire world’s most reliable method of data storage. Print Drives will be unstoppable as a front line archival platform and evolving to replace the hard drive in the cloud stack

  • EM Proof Data Storage – Best In Class
  • Ink Write/Read/Erase Device – Industry First
  • Appliance Built For The Datacenter – Deliver new ROI
  • Unparalleled Data Reliability– Industry Leading Research Commitment

400GB Data Storage Print Drive

  • Buffered Writes
  • Full Sheet Reads
  • High Transfer Speeds
  • EMI Immunity
Form Factor
  • Enterprise Cloud Rack Ready
  • Height
  • Width
  • Length
  • Security: Administration
Pre-Order Price
$4,999.00 USD
  • Plus shipping and handling
  • Ships in North America
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Call toll free to order 1-800-xxx-xxxx
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Hosted Storage
USD$100.00 /month
  • 40GB of Print Based DataStorage
  • Full Access
  • Top security
  • Anonymous
  • Pay by PayPal, Credit Card

Why Choose Printed Data Storage?

White Paper

Discover how print based storage will impact the data storage hardware stack.

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Specification Sheet

Details of the proposed hardware specifications for the 400GB Print Drive.

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Consumer facing advertising page designed for retail and commercial print.

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