Our approach

Nanometer Storage Corporation is developing for the global data storage industry, that recognizes the requirement for novel approaches for solving major challenges in capacity availability, form factor, energy consumption, heat dissipation and reliability. Print Data is delivering on many of these fronts.

We know the long-held ideas on what is possible in data storage and we are sure in order to maximize the potential of success for your personal or business requirements, you need to evaluate our technology and review its potential implementation to improve data storage in the model in which you structure your technology operations. This opportunity for gains in your IT storage footprint allows us to create rich relationships with our customers.

Design Excellence

Utilizing global best practices and leading innovators in Silicon Valley. We incorporate scientific and engineering excellence to deliver world class solutions for the IT industry.

Research & Development

An ongoing Board mandated directive to continually improve product capacity and performance with our key partners. Data storage in the underpinning of the revolutionizing digital world and we want to transform the perceptions for this sector with groundbreaking new technology to drive innovative new products.

Payment Integration

We have integrated a PayPal and future credit card payment systems into the website, in addition  a variety of retailers and system integrators as well as large strategic OEM’s as well as brick-n-mortar merchants will be part of the value chain.

Print Data Hosted Storage

We use Print Drives to deliver unprecedented datacenter reliability with our cutting-edge technologies to increase the consistency of your infrastructure investment.

Product Development and Integration

Dedicated innovation lab to best test and implement advanced integration development. We offer in-house and external approaches.

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U.S. Patent # 9,103,968 B2


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