The Market Impact of Print Drives

Don’t underestimate the potential of radically altering perceptions about the reliability of data storage for the enterprise and the cloud. New classes of appliances and connected services are possible.

  • Data Centers
  • Private and Public Cloud
  • Financial Services Providers  – Company and Industry Customer Data 
  • Product Development – Redundancy Solutions
  • Digital Media Playback
  • Smart Systems & Data Storage – Content Distribution
  • Cold Storage – Blockchain offline and online
  • Units ($K)
  • Revenue ($M)

New Reliability Standards

Ink is Immune to EMI

Best in class performance with this unique feature.

Mechanical Offline State

New performance in power usage for active archives.

Ink Persists 3 Times Longer Than Digital Tape

We will be integrating Print Drive systems into a variety of industries, including the defense and datacenter industries.

Built for the Datacenter Rack!

4U, Low power mode, Read and Write Device. Sub-micron ink droplet printing, optical imaging and recognition to high speed bus. Increase your local data reliability and deploy to the Datacenter.

Heart of New Storage Solutions

Optimize your data storage business case with Print Drive technology. We connect industry and consumers to their data and market information at all times with a new level of reliability.

Easy UI

We use cutting edge semiconductor technologies to increase performance. Make a plan to deploy today!

Why Choose Printed Data Storage?

White Paper

Discover how print based storage will impact the data storage hardware stack.

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Specification Sheet

Details of the proposed hardware specifications for the 400GB Print Drive.

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Consumer Friendly

Consumer facing advertising page designed for retail and commercial print.

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Annual Size of the Global Datasphere

  • ZettaBytes - IDC’s Data Age 2025 study

Managing Critical Data Growth

Platform Selection

Our expert team of engineers and developers take care of your new full stack requirements.

Business Impact

How will this deluge of new data creation impact your business? Where is your critical data, our analysis can help.

Technology Overview

Print Drive platforms, from the ground up are streamline for the deployment of distributed critical data for any industry.

Creating Data Capital

Empower your organization and monetize with the knowledge that their data is secure.